Veronica Vecchione Biografia


The artist developped a personal aritstic expression starting from traditional tecniques, as the incision. The matrix is processed through an analog copy machine and is intentionally manipulated during the copy. The new matrix is copied again on transparent acetat sheets: the unpredictable errors generated by the process are integrated in the composition. All the single copies are put together to form an original modular art work.
This tecnique has been named fotocopisegno (photo – copy – sign) by the artist, who works without following a precise project, in order to combine the errors in the process.


Veronica Vecchione lives and works in Naples. After studying at the Art School SS. Apostles of Naples, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in “Decoration”. Teacher in painting subjects. With his work she has participated in numerous group exhibitions of national interest, including the:

Personal Exhibition “Riflesso” | O’Vascio Room Gallery, Naples (2017)
“Paratissima Napoli” | First Edition – Napoli (2017)
“Confiteor” | Saaci/Gallery – Napoli (2016)
Personal Exhibition “L’Ibrido” | MIVSH, Napoli (2016)
“Maleventum” | Museo Arcos – Benevento (2015)
“No trace” | MIVHS – Naples (2015)
“4 Falsehood” | Spazio Amira – Nola, Naples (2014)
“Falsehood” | Spazio Amira – Nola, Naples (2014)
“Art Discount” | Sarajevo Supermarket – Naples (2014)
Cib’Arti | Sarajevo Supermarket, Naples (2013)
Charity Auction | “Cento Artisti per Carditello”, Caserta (2013)
Charity Auction | Project “Incendium” for Città della Scienza – PAN Naples (2013)
“L’arte a 45 giri”| PAN Museum – Naples (2012)
Mural Painting “Casa de la cultura” – Tena, Equador (2012)
“Group Show” | MIVHS – Naples (2012)
“Geografie” | Sarajevo Supermarket – Naples (2012)
Personal Exhibition “Scission” | Sarajevo Supermarket – Salerno (2012)
Personal Exhibition “Life-Cycle” | Spazio Amira – Nola, Naples (2012)
“Biennale d’Arte Giovani Artisti Campani” second edition – Naples (2011)
Exhibition of Contemporary Art SEVEN – Itinerant (2011)
Lo stato dell’Arte | Regional Pavilion at the Venice Biennale – Venice (2011)
Human Rights – Rovereto (2010)
Personal Exhibition “1x1x1 phase transition” | DAC Museum – Cosenza (2009)
Biennale of Young Artists of Campania – Naples (2004)
Contemporary Art “Il Guerriero di Capestrano” – Chieti (2003)
“Maggio dei Monumenti” special mention at the “Herculaneum” – Naples (2003)
Any Suggestions | Antichi Arsenali of Amalfi, Salerno (2003)
Biennale of Painting “Vivere l’Arte” | Domus De Maria – Sardinia (2002)